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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

May 23, 2023

Hello and welcome to another episode of May is for Mamas. I am so excited about the guest that I have today on the podcast because I kept thinking “If I could choose someone who would deliver a lot of value to my listeners who are mamas this month of May, who would it be?” And I kept thinking about Megan Michelson.

Megan is the co-creator and co-host of Birds & Bees, an online course with an amazing woman named Mary Flo Ridley. The two of them teach about sex and how to talk to your kids about sex in a healthy way. Let me just say—it is such a fabulous resource. Will and I have watched the course, we have taken so many notes, and I have even watched it a second time. It is such a great resource that I thought “You know, if I could have her on the podcast to share this information with you guys, it would be a game changer.”

Megan has three kids of her own, is married, and lives in Dallas, Texas, and she is just a wonderful human being. And if you are interested after listening to this conversation in getting your own Birds & Bees course, you can use the code: WORKANDPLAY and get 20% off. I am very grateful to their generosity to you and I hope you enjoy!



Resources from this episode:




Use the code: WORKANDPLAY and get 20% off

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