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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Apr 13, 2021

Three days ago, I finished, I think my sixth, maybe my seventh Contentment Challenge, where I give up shopping completely for three months at a time. Of course I buy food, I get gas, I get the necessities, but I quit my addiction to Target. I quit Amazon Prime. I quit impulse buys and I focus my heart on living, on...

Apr 6, 2021

Today we are celebrating two whole years of this podcast, Work and Play with Nancy Ray! I have a really fun, unique episode planed—it’s like a birthday party that I want to celebrate and encourage you with. But two quick things I wanted to mention before we dive in:

First, if you have never left a review for this...

Mar 30, 2021

Welcome to the Nancy Ray Book Club, where once a month I share a summary of a book worth reading, and my top three takeaways from that book. Many of you have joined my 2021 book club and are reading along with me. But if you haven't, we would still love to have you! You can learn more and join by visiting

Mar 23, 2021

In a lot of ways my work has really been simplified for me—I'm going on eight months of no childcare other than the two days that my kids are at preschool and kindergarten. I have been forced to be really strategic and simplified with my time and my plans. 

Today, I'm going to share ways that I took things off of my...

Mar 16, 2021

Emails can be such a point of stress in our lives because they just keep piling up and they're a complete time suck. I cannot tell you how many days I've wanted to check my email real quick. 

Do I get any other work done? No. 

Is my inbox actually cleared up? No. 

I just spent all day in my inbox and I have nothing...