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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Mar 31, 2020

I think in a nutshell, Emily's book, When Less Becomes More, perfectly summarizes what happens in our work and in our play when things go wrong. When things start to feel really out of balance, really stressful, you start to get anxious, and the bottom line is, it's all too much. When all of it, work and play, it just gets too much, when our workload gets too much, too many meetings, too many projects, too many deadlines, we say yes to every opportunity thrown our way, when we spread ourselves too thin.

When our play even gets to be too much, how much we try to fit in our play, like our social calendars, they get too full, when we say yes to helping in the classroom, or trying to throw the most extravagant birthday parties for our kids, and sign them up for five extracurriculars because we want the best for them. It's just too much.

Back in my interview with Emily, I talk about the three chapters in the book that I was most excited to read. Chapter one, Less Rush, More Rhythm. The second one was Social Media: Less Distraction, More Connection, and the third was Parenting: Less Great, and More Good. And I loved those chapters, they were so good. And back then, those were the chapters and titles that resonated with me the most that I was so excited to read, but since actually reading the book, God has been teaching me some different themes in my life, and there are three totally different chapters that are my biggest takeaways from the book.

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