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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Jun 30, 2020

We are back again in Part 2 of the marriage question-and-answer with my favorite human ever, Will Ray, my husband. And so, if you missed Part 1, be sure to go back to last week's Episode 068 and re-listen to that, as this is just a continuation of Will and I talking about our marriage.

Today, we cover a huge range of...

Jun 23, 2020

Today, I have my favorite human as my guest, my husband Will Ray. We are doing a question-and-answer series all about marriage and we cover a huge range of topics. We talked about how we knew we were the right ones for each other and when we met and how we fight and parenting and intimacy and communication and faith and...

Jun 16, 2020

Back in Episode 041, I shared my plan to work one day a week this year, which was quite the change after I closed my business last year. This episode is simply a check-in to tell you how it's been going so far.

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Episode 041 - My Plan to...

Jun 9, 2020

Today I’m humbled and grateful to have Pastor Dorrell on the Work and Play Podcast. We’re going to talk all about the racial crisis that we’ve been in and how the church, how believers, how you and I should respond during this time, during a racial crisis, and even more than that how to bounce forward, not...

Jun 2, 2020

Emily P. Freeman is the kind of person I have grown to admire, respect, and quite frankly, adore. I love her. I love her podcast, The Next Right Thing. I love her book, The Next Right Thing, and today I had a conversation with her that I think you are really going to love.

I personally gained so much wisdom and insight...