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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Sep 10, 2019

You know what's pretty much the worst job in the world? Having to fire somebody. You know what's even worse than that? Keeping somebody on your team that needs to be let go, but you feel so bad, you don't want to have that conversation. You'd rather just keep them around and deal with it. Then eventually you have the conversation and it's just a big mess. You know what could solve all of this? Hiring the right person the first time. 

Now, I'm not perfect by any stretch, but I decided way before ever building my team that I wanted to get one thing right, hiring. Today, I'm going to tell you everything that I've learned in my research and in my experience in hopes that you too can hire the right person the first time.

I'm going to take you through 10 things that I do when we hire someone new. Some of these are big picture things. They're foundational things that you have to do before you ever even conduct an interview, and then we'll talk about the interview process, and then we're going to end with the whole on-boarding process and how to keep really good people.

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