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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Mar 7, 2023

Here's a job description that life handed me that I just didn't really see coming. I have to be a cook like every day and I have to be a fairly good one because the tiny humans that I feed around my table are fairly opinionated about food. Actually, they're very opinionated about food.

Also, with that job description, it will affect my mood, whatever I make, whatever I cook, it's gonna affect my mood and theirs. Also, if I feed them and myself unhealthy things, it affects our mood and our weight and our overall health, how much we get sick, and it just so happens that the food that they love are the things that are terrible for you. So when I'm having a hard day, all I want to do is feed them goldfish and gummy snacks and ice cream and nothing that has any nutritious value because I'm gonna be honest, it's just a lot easier to give them what they want for that moment of course, because the cycle just continues. Food, our health, our moods on repeat, not to mention it affects the clarity of my own mind. If I eat, when I eat, how much I eat, what I am eating, it affects how I discipline them because I get very cranky and I am quick to anger when I'm hungry. And also I just wanna enjoy life and I want my ice cream and gummy snacks too sometimes.

Listen, it's just a lot to balance all of this. And here's the deal: I'm just supposed to be good at it. I'm supposed to be good at it and I'm not. I'm not normally good at this whole cooking thing, but it is a skill that's required of me as I have to feed my family and it's up to me, and this year I put some new habits into place—nothing huge, nothing massive—that have changed everything for me. 

They're small changes that I've put into place just to help me stay sane, to help me stay on budget and to help me bless my family. So, I'm not a great chef, although I really love to pretend to be one with my kids and they like to call themselves sous chefs, especially because we're watching Ratatouille on repeat lately. But here we go. Here are some habits that I have recently put into place, just the last three months really and I've committed to them and I'm gonna share them with you today. Take them or leave them, but maybe just take one or two because honestly they've all served my family really well and served me in my sanity well, and I feel like at least one is gonna serve your family well, too. 

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