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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Sep 27, 2022

Today I'm talking with my dear friend Nicole Jacobsmeyer, who is a fellow mama of four. She is an author and a kindred spirit. Fun little backstory— she and I met when we went to Great Wolf Lodge and she had three kids and I had three kids and we experienced it together and then connected on Instagram, then connected on Marco Polo, and we have stayed in touch and has been so sweet to find out how connected we are and like-minded we are in so many areas of our lives!

Nicole loves Jesus and she has a passion for helping women walk in victory, joy, and faith in the face of trials, sorrow and suffering. Her story is unbelievable. Her first book, Take Back Your Joy, just came out and if you open the first two pages of the book, you'll read my endorsement, which is so much fun!

I hope you enjoy our heartfelt conversation today.


Resources from this episode:

Take Back your Joy, by Nicole Jacobsmeyer

Nancy Ray Book Club

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