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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Feb 15, 2022

For the last six months, I've taken a break from social media and it has been so good. Today, I’m going to give you an update on how I liked it, what I missed, the best lessons I learned and how I'm going to do things differently when I come back. This is a topic I'm passionate about; I strongly believe we can't just let technology into our lives without being extremely thoughtful about it. 

Because I want to leave you with my heart and my thoughts from my own experience, along with some practical tips on how to use social media rightly in our lives, and what rhythms did I replace social media—with and all that good practical stuff, I've actually decided to separate this into a two-part series. So this is going to be part one, which is the “heart” part of it—lessons, all about what I've learned and next week is going to be the practical side of it, and I'm going to have a special guest (and I'm really excited about that!).

Now, before I jump into part one, I want to let you know about my special guest and an amazing live webinar that she's teaching on February 17th. Her name is Shanna Skidmore. I admire her SO much. I have learned so much from her and she actually runs her entire business without social media and it's for creative entrepreneurs—in a space that you would really think she should maybe be on social media. And one of the comments I get all the time is, oh, you know, I wish I could take a break from social, but my work depends on it, or I can never take a break from social media because it's directly tied to my income, or I'd leave it if I could, but I can't because my work depends on it.

My friend Shanna has kind of challenged that thought and has been a trailblazer and honestly, such an example to me on how to run a successful business that's profitable without social media, or if you'd rather—with limited social media.

Now, the webinar is called The Art of Six Figures: How to Build a Thriving Business on Your Own Terms. And that's the point! It's building a business that you love, and engaging with your work and with social media on your terms, with healthy boundaries and clarity. 

Okay, I could literally talk about this all day because I love her. I've learned so much from her. And I think she answers a question a lot of creatives are wondering, which is how you can do this. So I wanted to share this resource with you! You can sign up right here!

Also—spoiler alert—Shanna and I are going to be teaming up for something really good about this topic and about her webinar. So if you want to be in the know, be sure you're on my email list, and I'll be sure to tell you there or tune in next week and you'll learn a little bit more about it then, as well. 

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