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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Feb 2, 2021

I'm so excited to celebrate with you today!

Listen, I'm doing something different today. I actually went to many of you and said, “What should I do for my hundredth episode?” And many of you said, just do a Q&A and answer 100 questions. So many of you actually submitted these questions on Instagram. I'm so excited! I was not able to do all of the questions—believe it or not, I got well over a hundred questions! But I'm really excited just to have fun, and to have a conversation for you guys to get to know me on a different level. A lot of these are personal, a lot of them are lighthearted, a lot of them are fun and hopefully some of them you'll find helpful to you and your life.

If you have been a listener for any amount of time, I want to encourage you to please go leave a review on iTunes Podcasts. It helps me so much when you do that. And thank you truly from the bottom of my heart for being a listener!

We're going to have fun today (believe me, you want to listen to the end!). I brought in a few helpers, and I hope you enjoy it. And again, thank you so much for listening to Work and Play with Nancy Ray.

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