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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Apr 7, 2020

The title of this podcast is Work and Play with Nancy Ray, which you already know. Today, I'm excited to jump into the topic of play, because during this strange season of our lives when many of us are quarantined or under some kind of order to shelter in place for at least six weeks, I realize life is not totally clear cut in Work and Play. Right now, there’s a lot of mixing of the two.

Our co-workers are our children, and we are pulling weird hours. Also, trying to be present and play with our kids and maintain a healthy relationship with our spouses while also supporting them in their work. It's just a lot. Even when it's not kind of a weird season like it is right now, a lot of times there's play in our work and work in our play, too. They do get mixed, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Today, we're going to exclusively be talking about play, pure play—all different kinds of play, and why it's so incredibly important for you to prioritize it in your life and in the lives of your kids.

You might be working a normal schedule right now. Maybe nothing has changed for you depending on the industry you're in, or you might be home right now with a lot more free time. No matter where you are now and moving forward, I hope this episode encourages you to truly prioritize your play and the play in your kids' lives.


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