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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Mar 10, 2020

One of the biggest factors in our lives is not talked about enough, and that's money. Isn't it weird how money is kind of secretive like that? I don't know. Money affects so many aspects of our lives: it affects our work, the need for money often keeps us trapped in our jobs, motivated to work harder and smarter. Money opens doors in our work and allows us to try new things, or the lack of it takes a physical toll on our bodies and our emotions. When we're stressed out about money, it manifests physically causing us to lose sleep and worry. It's kind of a big deal.

Money also affects our play. Thankfully playing is free 99, you don't really need to spend any money to have some quality fun, hallelujah for that. I remember making mud pies as a kid in my backyard and that was fun, but we do have to save up to go to Disney World or if you want a season pass to the museum, you have to buy it, and you also have to take time off of work to take extended time to play, which is incredibly important to do. So there are some financial factors that do affect our play.

So I want to have some more conversations here about money because it's important and I just want you to know, I am always open to hearing from you. What do you want me to share when it comes to money or in this podcast in general? Seriously, email or find me on social media and tell me, I really would love to know, which is why I made this episode because one of the questions I get asked all the time is, Hey, how are you doing in your Dave Ramsey journey? Where are you at? Well, if you're new around here, here's a quick drive by of our financial story as well as an update on where we are today.

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