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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Dec 3, 2019

This year isn't over yet.

It's not over, and if we keep looking to the future and making plans and setting goals and dreaming about the next thing, we are going to miss the moments right in front of us. Today we are all going to take a pause and just remind ourselves to be present and enjoy the last days of this year to their fullest.

Every December early on, I send out an email to my email list. It's the same email every year. I send it over and over. And every time I do my inbox gets flooded with, “thank you”s and “I'm crying” and “I needed this.” So I decided today I just wanted to read that email to you. This might be my shortest podcast episode ever, with reason, because I want you to come back and listen to this encouragement as many times as you need to between now and the end of the year. This pep talk is for you.

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