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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Oct 15, 2019

Every Sunday night my husband Will and I ask each other six questions that help us have a deeper level of understanding and emotional intimacy. Now, while they were designed to be asked within a marriage, I want to talk to my single friends for just a second and say, don't disqualify yourself from listening to this episode. It's really perfect for building deeper roommate relationships or dating relationships, too.

Now, going back to the marriage piece, what I love most about these questions for us is really you can ask them in any season of life, whether your newlyweds, if you have a newborn and can't find the time to get out for a date night every week, or if your kids are out of the house, they connect to you in a simple yet profound way on a weekly basis. I'm confident that they will help strengthen your close relationships, especially your marriage.

These questions come straight from Audrey and Jeremy Roloff, the creators of the Navigator Council, which is a journal that includes all these questions. They started the organization Beating the 50 Percent, which is named after the 50% divorce rate. They said, "Our mission in life and on this blog is to do and be all things that cultivate covenant marriages. We aim to give more than 50% effort into our marriage to live a life, Beating 50 Percent is our mission." They're really passionate about marriage and I love following them and just their realness and all the resources they have to offer.

Will and I do this on Sunday evening. It's what we do to start off our discussion of the week ahead and our schedules. But we always try to start with these questions to make sure that he and I are connected first. I can't wait to share these with you, so listen in!

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