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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Sep 17, 2019

For the longest time I was really afraid of becoming a mom. I thought that I should have these longings to be a mother or I really should want to have a baby, but I never did. I was really happy with my marriage and my life before babies. I loved my work, and I was really fearful of what it would do to my life, my body, my sleep, a lot of different things. I remember having a conversation with my friend, Katelyn, about this and was nervous saying it out loud. She looked at me and was like, "Me, too. Me, too. That's crazy. I haven't heard anybody else say that before." We connected on that level because we felt weird or alone or like we were the exception to the rule in women. 

Today I am going to interview Katelyn on the podcast. If you follow me or Katelyn, you know that both of us are mothers to three children. I have three young children. She also has three children, one of which is in heaven. The conversation that we have, our hope as we have this conversation, is that you, if you're in the same boat ... if you're afraid of becoming a mom or aren't ready and don't know if you ever will be ... is that our conversation would hopefully make you feel a little bit more normal and not alone.

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Our guest today is Katelyn James:

Hi, my name is Katelyn James and I'm a wedding photographer who also teaches others how to be purposeful and profitable wedding photographers. I'm a momma of three.... Evy is two, Graham is three months and Baby James is our sweet boy in heaven that we said goodbye to at 31 weeks. I love the Lord, my family, home decorating and traveling! My life has transitioned so much in the last three years. While I love my business that I have run for over a decade, I'm really loving sharing my time with my role as a momma!

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