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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Aug 27, 2019

Back in Episode 18, I shared how I was introduced to the Enneagram, a little bit about my type— I'm a type three. I also gave a glimpse into my life and thoughts and struggles and strengths as an Enneagram type three. But I don't want to assume everybody listening knows what this weird word the Enneagram means. So I kind of want to go back to basics for a minute before jumping into the book, The Sacred Enneagram, so let's start with this. What the heck is the Enneagram?

Basically, the Enneagram is like a personality typing tool. The difference between the Enneagram and other personality tests that you see out there is that the Enneagram sticks with you for life. You're going to figure out what your number is on the Enneagram, what type you are, and that's the same in childhood, and adolescence, and in your adult life, and even as you age, it doesn't change. I've taken other personality tests like Strengths Finders or DISC and I love this kind of stuff. I love it. I think it's so fascinating. With those things, they kind of change. Like, I had different strengths in one season of my life and then different strengths in another season of my life. But this one, if you know your type on the Enneagram, it doesn't change it.

It's based in what motivates you. It's based in your basic fears. It's based in a lot of different things. But one thing I found interesting, most of the Enneagram authors agree that we are all born with a dominant type, so people don't change from one basic type to another. Like I said, your type is your type for life. And there is kind of a mix of I guess nature versus nurture, but they said you're born with a type and then oftentimes your childhood wound or something that you experienced in childhood is also what shapes your type. Anyway, I thought that was pretty interesting, as well. If you don't know what your number is on the Enneagram, there are free tests that you can take online to find out. (Side note, I recommend reading The Road Back to You over taking a test.)

As we kind of transition into the book, The Sacred Enneagram, just know that this is more of a deeper dive for someone who is more familiar with the Enneagram and someone who kind of wants to bridge that gap between, okay, I know my type, what does this mean for my faith walk? What does this mean for my relationship with Jesus? And that is why I wanted to read this book.

Listen in as we jump into The Sacred Enneagram and my three takeaways from this book.

For the full transcript, head to this episode's blog post!

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The Road Back to You, by Ian Cronn & Suzanne Stabile

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