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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

May 7, 2019

I recently shared the news that after this year, my twelfth year of business, the doors of Nancy Ray Photography will close. This was one of the hardest, most difficult decisions of my life. I love this work, I am going to miss this work, but the bottom line is this: God gently made it clear to me that this season has come to an end.

This was a massive decision for me personally and for my family, and it all started one year ago. Today, it feels like I've turned the page into the next chapter of my life. Now, I'll be honest, I could've kept going. Part of me really, really wanted to just keep going. I was good at it. I was confident in it, but this quote from Richard Blackaby explains why I'm letting it go:

"Our problem as leaders is we do everything we know to do. That's not enough. We need to do everything God wants us to do."

That says it all. I just know that in order for me to everything that God wants me to do, I need to let this go. I simply know that God wants me to do something different. I'm going to walk you through how I got to this point and how I finally made the decision and how I listen to God's voice every step of the way. I'm going to share some questions, some hard questions, that I had to ask myself and I'm going to ask these questions to you, too. So I'm going to start this episode by asking these questions and hopefully as I share my story, you're going to understand a little bit more about what those questions mean. And as I finish the episode and come back and ask these questions again, maybe you'll have a fuller understanding about where you are today.

My hope is that as I share how I navigated this huge decision, you’ll hopefully walk away with some helpful tools for he next time that you step into a new season, too.

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Resources from this episode:

The Seasons of God, by Richard Blackaby

Lioness Arising, by Lisa Bevere

Ecclesiastes 3


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