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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Dec 7, 2022

A few years ago, I came up with a core purpose statement for my work and this podcast, and that is: Practical tools for an integrated life. That is what I'm after. I want my teachings, my content, everything that I give to you or anyone who's listening to be very practica, and I want them to be implemented into an integrated life.

But first you have to answer the question: What is an integrated life? What does that even mean? Well, the word integrate means to combine one thing with another so that they become a whole. Another definition of integrated is with various parts or aspects linked or coordinated. Living an integrated life means combining your faith life, your home life, and your work life so that they become linked or coordinated, complimenting each other beautifully and ultimately providing the train tracks for a healthy soul and a fulfilling life. And I'm gonna challenge you today, in your faith and your home and in your work—to live an integrated life.


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