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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Aug 30, 2022

Today, I had the absolute privilege of talking to my friend Graham Cochrane. He is the author of How To Get Paid For What You Know, and we talk all about his book! I've read the whole thing cover to cover and it's so good. If I could describe it in any way, it would be practical and helpful.

You know, sometimes you read business books and you think, “Oh, that's great, but that doesn't really apply to me.” It's not that way with his book. He really makes you feel like you can do this—it's awesome. So, yeah, he's an author. He's also a business coach to over 3,000 premium customers worldwide. He founded the recording revolution, a seven figure online music business in 2009, and now, he hosts over 80,000 monthly followers on his podcast, YouTube, and blog, talking about business mindset, productivity, psychology. He's a believer; he's a brother; he's a friend.

I just really have so much respect for Graham. I’m so grateful for him. And even though he's been featured in things like Business Insider and Yahoo and Huffington post and CNBC, he's so humble and he's so real. And I'm so grateful for his voice in this industry.

I know you're going to enjoy our conversation today and I can't wait for you to listen in!

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