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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Aug 16, 2022

Listen, this episode is so good. I say that because I get to sit down and talk with three of my good friends, women who I adore and admire, who run businesses, who are moms. They are so special to me, and you get to hear the inside scoop about their lives and their businesses, but all throughout the conversations, we're going to be talking about this thing called The Blueprint Model.

And I first want to tell you what that is before you listen in, because otherwise you're going to be really confused. So The Blueprint Model is a course that was created by Shanna—who is one of the ladies you're going to be hearing from today—and it's all about the numbers behind your business. But more than that, it's about creating a business that suits your life.

Now, Shanna is a numbers girl, and she helps people. She helps a lot of creatives get the hang of their money, like the money side of business. And she is teaching a free class in two days and I want you to mark this down in your calendar because it's going to be so good. It's on Thursday, the 18th, I believe at 1pm—you can find out all the details at, but the name of the class is The Art of Six Figures: Join me live where I'll teach you exactly how to define what is enough in your business and how to align your business goals with your big dreams and life values.

Okay. That is Shanna's class, not my class. She's gonna be teaching it, but it's so good. I'm going to be there. It's so good. Okay. So the blueprint model, which she's going to be explaining in that class is something that I have taken a small group of women through already once this year. I coached them through it and we did The Blueprint Model together and we learned so much and applied it to all of our very different businesses.

And guess what? The doors are opening to The Blueprint Model again in just a few days. And it's only going to be open until August 25th and after that, the doors are going to close. So I just encourage you to check it out. If you think that these conversations resonate with you, just go check it out, go to to see if it's a good fit for you.

And if it's not, that is totally great! I know you're still going to get a lot of value from these conversations today because they just get you thinking about what's important versus vanity metrics and the things that we *think* are important. So I know you're going to enjoy it. Make sure you had to to register for Shanna's free class or in a few days, it'll turn into the page where you can learn all about The Blueprint Model.

Now, two more quick things, before we jump into these conversations, you might be wondering, okay, why is Nancy talking about this other girl's course so much? I wonder if she's an affiliate. The answer is yes, I am an affiliate because I'm invested in this course. So, whoever signs up for the course through I'm actually going to be group coaching you through the course, and I'll be talking with you the entire time as we go through it together. I love the accountability and I love this course. So I am a proud affiliate of The Blueprint Model.

Second thing is, I wish I could give these wonderful long intros to of these ladies, but I'm going to just keep it short and sweet and let you know that I trust these ladies. I love them. I love their businesses and I'm so grateful. So you're going to hear from Shanna first, she created The Blueprint Model, and I think your mind is just going to be blown with her wisdom. I'm also gonna leave a link in the show notes to my last episode with Shanna, which is referenced several times in this episode.

And then you're going to hear from my friend, Kayse, she runs an online business that really equips women and moms. And she's going to tell you all about her business. It's awesome. It's Anchored Women.

Then the third lady I'll be interviewing today is Kait. And she is just a kindred spirit; I love Kait. She creates the Curious Year Calendar, which my kids are total fans of. We have one hanging in our kitchen and we look at it every day.

So I just love these ladies. I love the work that they do, and I'm thrilled for you to hear from each of them today.

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