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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

May 17, 2022

Welcome to May is for Mamas, where every episode in the month of May is dedicated to all the mamas out there, with topics and conversations specifically for you.

Today, I'm chatting with my friend Shay Cochrane, who is a wife and an entrepreneur, and a mama of two daughters. She owns Social Squares, which supplies elevated stock images and digital marketing education for female owned online brands. Her vision as a creator is to enable more women to find greater success, sharing their ideas and businesses with the world, and she does all that in just 16 hours a week! I love how she models her life and her parenting and I have loved this conversation with her today.

We jumped into some hard stuff like, what it looks like to raise daughters in 2022—body image, style, confidence, work ethic, technology, teaching your kids about money. You are going to leave this conversation with some really practical parenting conversations and decisions, as well as some solid encouragement to keep up the good hard work we are doing as mamas.

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