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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Oct 26, 2021

Get ready, because I love a good morning routine. Fair warning: I am such a nerd about this. I know this sounds kind of extreme, but having a morning routine in place really enhances the quality of my life. I'm not kidding. It gives me something to look forward to at night. It starts my day off connected with the Lord and with a healthy mindset. It allows me to start my day in a place of abundance, which really determines so much of the rest of my day. So whether you have a solid morning routine or if you don't have one at all, this episode is for you.

PSA: This was recorded when I was not knee deep in newborn life!

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Resources from this episode:

Michael Hyatt & the Lead to Win Podcast

Allie Casazza & The Purpose Show

What the Most Successful People do Before Breakfast, by Laura Vanderkam

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