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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Mar 30, 2021

Welcome to the Nancy Ray Book Club, where once a month I share a summary of a book worth reading, and my top three takeaways from that book. Many of you have joined my 2021 book club and are reading along with me. But if you haven't, we would still love to have you! You can learn more and join by visiting

Also, I wanted to give you a heads up! Next month, the whole month of May, I'll be dedicating it to our mamas. Any listener who’s a mama—it’s for you. We did this last year and I called it May is for Mamas (Episodes 056-064) and we are doing it again, so stay tuned! I am excited for what's to come. 

I'll be honest—I almost took this book off of my reading list this year, because I felt like it was cruel and unusual punishment to myself to read a book about sleep the year that I would have a newborn baby. Like, why am I thinking and reading all about how to get good sleep knowing I am going to be sleep deprived no matter what? BUT I'm really glad I kept it on the list and read it anyway, because it's helping me now in pregnancy and the tips and lessons that I've learned in this book will help me understand my body and maximize my sleep even during that newborn phase, as hard as it's going to be, as well as prioritizing sleep for our whole family for years to come. 

I get pretty nerdy today—fair warning! But I'm really excited about all that. We're going to learn together. 

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