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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Dec 15, 2020

My friend Reagan has a heart of gold—you'll see in our conversation, just how amazing she is. She lives in Wake Forest, North Carolina, not far from me, with her husband of 10 years and two young boys. And the whole reason I interviewed her is because she took the Contentment Challenge to another level. She and her husband, Jeremy gave up shopping—get this—for the entire year of 2020 to pursue a greater life of contentment and eliminate debt. I think their story and how it all turned out is going to inspire you like crazy.

Her days are spent navigating busy mom life and a modest career at an innovative tech company. She has devoted her life to being an earnest disciple of Jesus Christ. In her words, “if my life is solely an experience of God's endless love and mercy upon my undeserving soul, that will be enough to call this run at life a success.”

Today, you're going to hear all about their year of contentment. Now, if you're new to this whole Contentment Challenge thing, I want to leave you two quick resources so you can find out more about it:

  • First, Episode 003 of this podcast—a very, very old episode. It dives deep into my first Contentment Challenge, how it was born, what it is and how you can do it too.

  • Second, if you go to here, you can sign up and download a free guide to the Contentment Challenge and get it instantaneously.

So I hope that those two resources shed a little bit more light on where the Contentment Challenge came from, what it is.

Finally, I just want to invite you, come do the Contentment Challenge with me, pray about it. As we talk about in this episode, I'm going to be doing the Contentment Challenge January through March. Like, I do pretty much every year because it has been that life-changing for me. I just want to invite you to do it with me, to pray about doing it and seeing what God does in your heart, in your life.

Listen, we are in a fight for our contentment. I feel it every day. I mean, whenever I walk through Target or scroll through social media, I feel a battle for my own contentment. More than ever, I believe we need to be crazy aware of the battle we are in. My prayer, and I know Reagan's prayer, is that this episode inspires you to make whatever changes you need to make to live the content life that you were meant to live.


Resources from this episode:

The Contentment Challenge

Episode 033 - The Contentment Challenge

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