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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Dec 8, 2020

Today, I'm going to set a record for my shortest podcast of all time and I'm totally okay with that. I hope this encouragement is just what you need today. 

Before I jump in, I wanted to remind you about two things. 

Number one, the Nancy Ray Book Club 2021 is live! You can click here t0 see all of the books that I am going to be reading this year, and I am inviting you to come along and read them with me. I do a podcast episode about each book that I read every month, and I'm really excited about the lineup for next year. I think it's going to be really good. 

The second thing I wanted to let you know is my Contentment Challenge is starting in January. You can find out all of the details by going here. This I think is going to be my sixth or seventh time doing the Contentment Challenge. I hope that it's an encouragement to you. If you decide to do it with me, a lot of people have done it several times over, and it's just a time to give up shopping and to give up a focus of all material things so that we can recenter our hearts on the thing that is most important, which is the Lord, the relationships in our life, and cultivating a grateful heart and an attitude of contentment with all that we have.

Today, I am simply going to read to you an email that I send to everybody in my email family every single December. It's the same email every year. I've been doing this for probably five years and every time I send this email, I get emails back with “thank you”s and tears and “I needed this.”

So, I've kind of decided to make it a tradition here on the podcast just to read it to you, to speak it over you at the end of this year, as you prepare for the holidays as you close up the year.

And just so you know, you can always join my email list if you want to be added for weekly inspiration, podcast episode reminders, and practical tips. So today this is for you, and I think these words are particularly needed this year.

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