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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Sep 29, 2020

Every year we go camping, and we go camping with another family, the Thomas family. We have been for eight years. In fact, just this past weekend, we went camping with our dear friends. It was crazy and fun and once again full of new memories in a slower pace. John and Emily Thomas have been our friends for well over a decade long before kids and even still with kids. 

Today, I brought Emily on to have a conversation about camping, kids, and slowing down. You might know Emily because she is the Chief of Staff at Cultivate What Matters, and a beautiful writer and blogger over at, one of the very few blogs that I adore and read. You're going to love Emily. She has a depth and a graciousness that is unmatched, and I love her. It's why she's been my friend for so long. So, I'm so excited to share our conversation today.

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Resources from this episode:

Emily Thomas’ blog, Em for Marvelous

Cultivate What Matters

Settlers of Catan

NC State Parks Website

White Noise Machine


Goldenrod Hike

Guava Lotus pack ‘n’ play

Clip-on Highchair

Native Kid’s Shoes

Master Camping List

Just Mercy, by Bryan Stevenson

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector

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