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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

May 15, 2020

Today we are continuing with our series, May is for Mamas where I release two podcasts episodes a week throughout the month of May to help us in our journey of motherhood. Today I spoke with my friend Robin Long and she is the founder and CEO of The Balanced Life, which is an online Pilates community where she provides workouts and resources for busy women like you and me who really struggle to find time to exercise and really want to love our bodies again and feel comfortable in our bodies and might be looking for an exercise plan that will actually work for the long haul.

And we talk about so many good things in this episode. We talk about how to do it when we feel like we literally have zero time for ourselves with kids, how to actually sit down and get our mats out and do a Pilates exercise or get out the door and go for a run and what that looks like, what self care actually looks like. That self care isn't a joke, that it's real. We also talk about anxiety and how living in this strange season and our world and being cooped up inside really can produce some anxiety but also how moving our bodies is a very practical tool and answer to that underlying anxiety that we might be feeling.

I really enjoyed my time with Robin, she brings such a beautiful perspective to body image and to movement and really just the gift that it is to be able to exercise.

Robin and The Balanced Life are offering a FREE 5-day Pilates Strength & Stress Relief Challenge, and this is the perfect way to dip your feet into the Pilates world if it’s new to you, or to kick-start this part of your life once more!

So I hope that you enjoy this conversation with Robin as much as I did.

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