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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Nov 26, 2019

Can you even believe it's the week of Thanksgiving? I know I can't. Well, happy Thanksgiving, friend. I'm grateful you're here. Today's episode is going to be short and sweet all about my favorite Thanksgiving tradition that any family can do, any couple can do, and it's the most wonderful practice of just opening your eyes to the beautiful, good life around you.

I hope this week you find yourself in the midst of not so much work and a whole lot of play. It's Thanksgiving week. It's a week to just kind of turn down the volume on all of the screen time, on all of the work obligations and just chill out and be with family. It's definitely a season for feasting and I hope that you get to do some of that this week.

I am so excited to share something so simple, but something so profound. I actually was taught this tradition from Will, my husband and his family, specifically my wonderful mother-in-law who I adore. She kind of led the charge in their family doing this every single Thanksgiving as well, and his brother and sister grew up, and we've kind of adopted it and to our family, annd I'm excited to share it with you today.

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