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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Jun 11, 2019

You probably clicked on this wondering, “What in the world is the secret to success in business?” Well, I'm going to go ahead and tell you. In one word, it's service.

If you want to excel in your work, serve others. Serve your boss, serve your team members, serve your clients, serve your vendors. Serve them well, and success will simply follow. This is something I’ve come to learn more than anything over the last 10+ years of growing my photography business.

In this episode we’re talking all about service in your work and your business, and how that can make all the difference. 

I'm going to share five ways that you can serve others well and really stand out in your work. This goes for serving your business partner if you have one, serving your team members, our teammates, serving your clients, your customers, serving your vendors that work with you. Just serving everybody. In our team, servanthood is a core value. Everything that we do, whether we can help each other and serve each other or serve our clients, we just want to serve.

But before we do that, I want you to stop and think of a business that serves well - like, really well - that's left an impression on you. How did they make you feel? What are the things that they do or that they have done for you to really make you feel loved and cared for? While I want you to try to think of your own examples, in this episode I’m sharing the one local business that always comes to mind when I think about service, and the impression they’ve made on me over the years that we can all learn from.

Are there any ways you like to go above and beyond for your clients? Or any ways you’ve felt like a business went above and beyond for you? I would love to hear them in the comments!

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