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Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Jun 4, 2019

A little bit about me, in case you don't know. At the time of recording this podcast, I'm a mama to three little ones: ages three, and one, and five months. Yes, we are very busy. I have taken off three to four months each time I've had a baby, and it has been the best gift I could ever have given to myself and my family.

I'm going to walk you through 10 steps that I take to prepare for maternity leave, so that I can be fully present with my little one, and then I'm going to end this episode with some bonus advice for you, some free advice, the things that I learned that I didn't do so well along the way. I've also created a free download for you so that you can have these 10 steps, and the email templates and signatures I talk about in this episode, so make sure grab the free download above.

Okay, and quick disclaimer before I jump in: every mama tuning in is different. I know your work is different than mine. You might not have the same flexibility. You might not be able to determine how long you get to take off for your maternity leave. Also, every pregnancy and every baby is different. Every time you have a baby, you become a new version of a mom, and that's okay.

Here's my approach to this episode, okay? I'm just simply going to pretend like I'm your big sister, who loves you a lot and wants the best for you. You take what you will from it, because you know you better than I do, but I do hope that you'll listen and take all of it to heart, because after I've done this three times, I think that you'll learn from my mistakes and do it more beautifully than I ever did.

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Resources from this episode:

Michael Hyatt, How to Unplug While You Are on Vacation

Free Download: My Email Signatures & Templates